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CHSi programs address workforce health from a unified perspective. From pre-placement exams to programs for managing long-term workforce and workplace risk and compliance.

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CHSi ServicesBest Practices

CHSi services maximize employer's return on investment by providing flexible, performance-based workforce health programs tailor-made for the unique needs and risks of each organization. Whether your employee health needs require worksite health programs at multiple locations, an extensive national network of health care providers to address your dispersed workforce, or medical readiness teams deployed on an emergency response basis, no other firm can match our broad service delivery capability. Our services are available individually or as a bundled service package.

  • Government Services

    Helping to achieve program efficiency and productivity.

  • Medical Readiness & Response

    Emergency medical response to nearly every major world event that has touched our nation.

  • International Programs

    Equipping, staffing, operating, and managing healthcare units.

  • Behavioral Health

    A spectrum of behavioral health services to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

  • Exam Programs

    National Medical Exams

  • By bringing this range of workforce health services together and managing them with a proactive approach fortified by a time-tempered foundation of best practices, CHSi rewards employers with benefits that include: Healthier employees, Reduced costs, Increased workforce productivity, Reduced long-term risk, and Assured compliance.

Global CapabilitiesLive, Work or Travel Worldwide

The CHSi global reach includes having served clients in 32 countries in Europe, Middle-East, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, and we continue to expand our global capabilities to serve multinational employees wherever they live, work, or travel worldwide.

Medical Expertise: CHSi programs are reviewed by our in-house physicians. Your employees will benefit from information, facilities and practices recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General, AMA, NIOSH, American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine and other leading authorities.

Bottom-Line Value: CHSi programs are built on a business model that targets individual wellness including workforce-wide risk factors. By targeting both factors, we help to reduce costs, productivity problems, and issues such as absenteeism.


Level OneMedical Support

Since 2007, CHSi ME has been dynamic in medical services operations in the Middle East and other international locations. Our services focus on Level I medical support to maintain the health and medical readiness of the workforce. CHSi ME gives close attention to the employee's needs to keep them healthy and operational


The CHSi DifferenceMedical Expertise

CHSi provides a greater breadth of resources and medical expertise. Over 43% of our employees are direct health care outsourcing professionals. Of our 600 employees, we have over: 20 physicians, 80 Nurses (includes Registered, Surgical, Operating Room and Certified Occupational Health) and 20 Physician Assistants/Nurse Practioners.

  • 43%

    CHSi Employees

  • 20


  • 80


  • 20


CHSi’s extensive nationwide network supports geographically dispersed workforces with 12,000 CHSi-credentialed providers serving clients from 10,000 clinics in all 50 states, U.S. Territories, and Canada. The CHSi network includes certified physicians, nurses and other healthcare personnel, many of whom have been associated with CHSi for more than 10 years, including more than 4,400 specialists.

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  • 10


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