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About CHSi

CHSi Background

Founded in 1975, CHSi is the industry's trusted provider of onsite health centers for the U.S. government and national examination programs for government and commercial clients. Major corporations and government agencies look to CHSi for workforce health and productivity management solutions that help maintain a healthier, more stable and productive workforce. CHSi’ solutions maximize employer’s health care investment and integrate seamlessly with their existing benefits strategies. 

CHSi services maximize employer's return on investment by providing flexible, performance-based workforce health programs tailor-made for the unique needs and risks of each organization. Whether your employee health needs require worksite health programs at multiple locations, an extensive national network of health care providers to address your dispersed workforce, or medical readiness teams deployed on an emergency response basis, no other firm can match our broad service delivery capability. Our services are available individually, in clusters, or as a single, comprehensive and seamless employee health program. 

Since 2007, CHSi has become very active in overseas/international medical services operations. We currently have several medical support services contracts internationally, most of them are very fluid with changing requirements for medical support.

CHSi brings a unique perspective to the federal arena. We have decades of experience providing successful workforce health solutions to government clients, including many of the largest non-defense federal agencies, such as:


Our experience, capabilities, and past performance are unsurpassed. In addition:

Because we track every exam conducted by our network, we can document exactly how much of a contract is spent with small, minority-owned, service disabled veteran, or woman-owned businesses and comply with related requirements.

CHSi uses Deltek’s CostPoint and is fully compliant with DCAA and government costing methods.


Our Mission Statement

As the health services industry leader, we empower employees, through collaborative partnerships, to meet the customer’s healthcare needs. The objective is to positively affect the health and well-being of workforces both nationally and in hazardous locations worldwide. Our measure of success is long-term customer relationships.

Real World Results Improve workforce health while lowering risk, costs and turnover

CHSi takes responsibility for improving the health of your workforce. In turn, a healthy workforce rewards employers with bottom-line value.

Lower absenteeism and disability costs: Through CHSi disability management services, clients report up to a 300% return on investment from fewer lost work days plus lower disability and workers’ compensation costs.

Faster recruitment: CHSi’ rapid turnaround time on pre-placement exams expedites hiring.

Easier compliance: For employers with OSHA chemicals or hazards in the workplace, CHSi helps ensure compliance.

A safer workplace: CHSi is a valuable member of employer safety teams, helping spot injury or illness patterns and mitigate problems as they emerge.

Higher employee retention: By promoting a healthy workforce and safe workplace, CHSi helps position organizations as the employer of choice — enjoying higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover.

Executive TeamThe CHSi Management Team

Mel Hall Chairman

Mel Hall has been the Chairman of Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (CHSi) since 1984, and CEO since 1992. In the past thirty years, he has been a partner at Ernst & Young in their financial services industry sector, and CEO of McLean Group, Inc., a financial services management consulting firm.

His primary responsibilities at CHSi include corporate strategy, financial oversight, and senior management direction. He has been an industry thought-leader, recognizing the need for large organizations to have a more direct role in managing health risks and rising health costs of their workforces.

Hall received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 1967 and a M.S. degree in Engineering Management from the University of Alaska in 1970. He is a U.S. Army veteran (Lieutenant, 1967-69). Previously, he has served on the Board of Directors/Trustees for the Excelsior Mutual Funds companies, the Advisory Board of Georgia Tech’s Industrial and Systems Engineering School, and various local/community Boards.

Jim Van Dusen Chief Financial Officer

Jim Van Dusen joins CHSi with broad Financial and Operational leadership experience, most recently with IBM’s Public Sector Strategy & Transformation (S&T) Consulting organization.   Van Dusen joined IBM on March 1, 2010 with their acquisition of National Interest Security Company LLC (NISC).  Van Dusen served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at NISC from December 2007 through the acquisition by IBM. 

Van Dusen brings a wealth of experience in finance and operations leadership gained through various positions with government services firms, including senior leadership roles at L-3, Raytheon, General Dynamics and Lockheed. Van Dusen graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Business Administration.

Gary G. Palmer President

Gary Palmer joined Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (CHSi) in 1997 as a director for the government sector. He oversees all business performance for federal and Department of Defense (DOD) customers.

Before joining CHSi, Palmer handled international business development in Australia and Saudi Arabia for Lockheed Martin and Martin Marietta International. He also has worked as a consultant, providing new business development support to major federal and DOD contractors.

Palmer holds two board positions in his home state of Florida: the United Way in Brevard County and the county's Economic Development Commission.

Palmer received a B.S. degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.

Joseph J. Mignogna, MD, MPH, CIME Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Joe Mignogna has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of occupational and environmental medicine in both private and hospital based practice as well as medical leadership positions at GlaxoSmithKline and Nissan North America.

Mignogna carries a long list of board and specialty certifications including occupational medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, independent medical examiner, senior aviation medical examiner, medical review officer, and travel medicine.

Most recently, he has served as the Medical Director, CHS Occupational Health Center in Cape Canaveral, FL, and continues in that role as well.

CHSi InternationalHealthcare is our business

We equip, we staff, we operate, and we manage health care units. We take our medical skills from "brick & mortar" health clinics, to ambulances and into remote austere locations with "back-pack" medical teams. Flexibility and proven capability to ramp up quickly to the level that meets our customer's unique needs ensures success from day one.

Through our parent company, we have more than 600 health-care professionals:

35 board-certified physicians
90 credentialed nurses
150 experienced medical specialists

Experienced Throughout The Middle East And Beyond

Since 2007, CHSi ME has been dynamic in medical services operations in the Middle East and other international locations. Our services focus on Level I medical support to maintain the health and medical readiness of the workforce. CHSi ME gives close attention to the employee's needs to keep them healthy and operational.


Customer: Major Prime Contractor for the US Army

Population Served: 2,700 U.S. nationals and 7,400 local national linguists

  • Provided in-country medical evaluations and non-emergency health care
  • Operated Medical Aid Stations and Medical Evaluation Stations - 17 sites
  • Provided mobile medical teams - 50 locations
  • Performed over 9200 Local National hiring physicals
  • Evaluated and treated over 2500 Prime Contractor employees


Customer: Major Prime Contractor for the US Army

Population Served: 25,000

  • Operated a fleet of 17 Type II ambulances
  • Responded to over 1200 emergency calls a year
  • Provided Advanced Life Support services to over 800 employees a year
  • Responded to all on-base Hazardous Material and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive incidents


Customer: Major Prime Contractors for the US Army and Navy

Population Served: 4,000

  • Operated full-service Walk-In Clinic 12 hours daily
  • Operated two medical aid stations and supported 36 outlying areas with medic rotations
  • Military Level I aid station care in two locations
  • Flight medical support for Air Traffic Controllers - Provided physicals, tests, examinations, inoculations, and other medical procedures


Customer: Major Prime Contractors for The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement

Population Served: Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Monrovia, Liberia

The CHS onsite medical team:

  • Conducted daily sick calls and provided Level I acute medical care
  • Travelled regularly to outlying locations to provide medical assessments
  • Responded to medical emergencies involving personnel on or off the compound
  • Monitored health and safety conditions concerning food and water sources
  • Coordinated evacuation and higher level of care with the designated referral facility