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Pandemic Planning

CHSi Medical Readiness and Response Teams

CHSi has established pandemic planning protocols for major corporations and government agencies, to protect employee health and ensure the continuity of business operations.

Our extensive pandemic planning capabilities cover contingencies from anthrax contamination to mass flu exposure. Drawing on the expertise of our national network of workplace health clinics, physicians and medical practitioners, CHSi has developed a comprehensive flu preparedness program that can be customized to meet a company’s distinct needs.

CHSi has partnered with a leading manufacturer of flu vaccines to establish protocols for administering the vaccine on a mass scale in the event of a pandemic flu situation. By setting forth a set of triggers to launch a company’s response sequence, and familiarizing all employees with those triggers, CHSi emphasizes calm and preparedness.

Working with individual company health centers and in-house medical personnel, CHSi customizes flu pandemic checklists in advance, so that managers may respond rapidly to ensure prompt employee compliance.

Emphasizing the importance of communication between employers and employees in a pandemic situation, CHSi works to establish reliable communication channels to disseminate clear and accurate instructions to employees. Swift action and near-constant updates are paramount in any fast-moving pandemic situation, and CHSi’ planning will ensure your organization is prepared, with digital capabilities and dedicated telephone hotlines.

CHSi works with employers to establish strict personnel policies to minimize employee contact during an flu outbreak, while still maintaining business operations. By setting limits on group meetings, emphasizing teleconferences, restricting employees’ overseas travel, limiting the use of conference spaces, raising awareness of early symptoms and requiring rigorous sanitizing of workspaces with antibacterial agents, CHSi’ pandemic protocols minimize your business’ risk exposure.

CHSi will manage the logistics of introducing, explaining and administering anti-flu/anti-viral medications to your employees and their families. Our workplace health and safety experts devise a precise timeline for distributing and administering these medications by pre-registering employees, gathering medical histories for advance clearance to administer medications, and educating employees on the risks and proper dosage for themselves and any dependents. CHSi has established an online registration tool to explain dosage and follow up procedures. CHSi also provides companies with detailed scripts, employee communications and other materials to instruct employees in following pandemic protocols.

Pandemic Preparedness Tips

Swine Flu

Avian Flu

If you are a current CHSi client interested in obtaining specific pandemic guidance for your site, please contact your assigned Manager of Client Operations.

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