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CHSi designs and manages a variety of health and fitness programs that help reduce and often prevent illness, injury, and absenteeism.

Health Risk Assessments

CHSi shows you exactly where to invest in wellness for the greatest return. CHSi conducts employee surveys and/or medical screenings to give you a clear picture of employees’ health risks and concerns.

Health and Fitness Facilities

CHSi integrates fitness into your overall solution for managing health risk. CHSi designs, staffs and manages onsite fitness facilities. As a medical company, CHSi does more than provide state-of-the-art fitness equipment and training. Our facilities address both individual and workforce fitness issues as part of a total program for improving employee health and reducing costs and risk.

Wellness Programs

CHSi tailors programs to your productivity goals, employee risk profile—and budget. We can deliver “lunch and learn” sessions, customize a Web site, provide online contact with health experts, or run your Health Fair.


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For more information about how CHSi can improve your organization’s health examination program, contact or call (800) 638-8083.

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